We asked our panel of strategy experts to tell us how strongly they agree with this statement:

Concern over consumer privacy will fundamentally limit businesses’ ability to use big data.

Panelist Vote Confidence Comments Profile & Vote History
Arora, Ashish

Ashish Arora

Duke University
Disagree 7 “Business ability to use big data in meaningful ways will be limited by many other factors (e.g., org inertia)” Profile / Vote History
Cassiman, Bruno

Bruno Cassiman

University of Navarra
Agree 7 “It will depend on how this gets legally implemented as it creates some transaction costs which might affect large vs small players differently.” Profile / Vote History
Brynjolfsson, Erik

Erik Brynjolfsson

Disagree 7 “Effective privacy protections are feasible and can make consumers more willing to share data.” Profile / Vote History
Brown, Jennifer

Jennifer Brown

University of Utah
Strongly Agree 7 “Regulators will face pressure unless consumers understand how their own data create value and see how the value is shared with them. Both big hurdles.” Profile / Vote History
Agarwal, Rajshree

Rajshree Agarwal

University of Maryland
Agree 8 “Consumers differ in the value assigned to privacy, policies that ignore differences will result in fundamental limitations to business value creation.” Profile / Vote History
Busse, Meghan

Meghan Busse

Northwestern University
Did not vote Profile / Vote History
Greenstein, Shane

Shane Greenstein

Harvard University
Disagree 7 “There are few effective limits on firms selling information to each other. ” Profile / Vote History