How to Benefit the Most From Great Hires

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You’ve hired a terrific new employee. Now how do you ensure that your new ‘star’ performs as well as possible?

That’s a question addressed in What It Takes to Make ‘Star’ Hires Pay Off, a new article by Boris Groysberg, Linda-Eling Lee and Robin Abrahams in the Winter 2010 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review.

One of the key findings from the article: Stars shine brightest when surrounded by colleagues of equally high quality. One reason:  High-quality colleagues serve as sources of information and smart feedback that can help their teammates perform at their best.

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Geef je Sterspeler je ook Sterrendement?
[...] Wil je een Ster volledig tot zijn recht laten komen, dan die je de Ster te omringen met andere Sterren; al dus MIT’s Boris Groysberg, Linda-Eling Lee en Robin Abrahams in hun artikel What It Takes to Make ‘Star’ Hires Pay Off  [...]