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Disruption 2020
Your innovation road map for the decade ahead.

In this package of articles, our diverse array of expert contributors will help you become a more grounded and informed innovator. Get practical guidance on what disruption innovation means for your organization. This collection also includes a bonus piece of content from Deloitte, “Ecosystems and the Future of Innovation.”

Articles in the “Disruption 2020” collection include:

An Interview With Clayton M. Christensen

In this Q&A with longtime collaborator Karen Dillon, Christensen discusses the impact of disruption in today’s tech-centric world and why theory is still such a powerful tool for decision-making.

The New Disrupters

A new breed of disrupters is making it harder than ever for traditional businesses to compete.

The 11 Sources of Disruption Every Company Must Monitor

Do you think you’re aware of the forces that might disrupt your company? Your lens may be far too narrow.

How Leaders Delude Themselves About Disruption

We’ve known for decades what causes disruption. So why are companies still allowing themselves to be vulnerable? The answer starts at the top.

From Disruption to Collision: The New Competitive Dynamics

Making small or incremental changes isn’t enough. You need to fundamentally alter your operating models.

The Future of Platforms

It’s going to get harder and harder to monetize the disruptive potential of platforms.

The Experience Disrupters

A new species of disrupters has great products but offers even better experiences.

A Crisis of Ethics in Technology Innovation

As businesses work to delight consumers, they must also protect the public trust.

To Disrupt or Not to Disrupt?

Disruption should not be the do-or-die strategy for startups, but a considered choice.

The Original Disrupter




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