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Today on the Frontiers of Management


Why Businesses and Governments Need to Stop Trying to Secure Their Networks

Frontiers |

A zero-trust network, which hosts an organization’s services in the cloud, is the safest option.


Seven Technologies Remaking the World

Frontiers |

This MIT SMR executive guide introduces business leaders to the technologies that are reshaping our world.


With Great Platforms Comes Great Responsibility

How do we prevent bad actors from using social media platforms to manipulate the public?


The Digital Workplace



Disseminating Knowledge

A Better Way to Bring Science to Market

Frontiers |

New “markets for judgment” like the Creative Destruction Lab are bridging critical gaps between scientific breakthroughs and commercial applications — fueling tech-based entrepreneurship far from Silicon Valley.

The Secret to Successful Knowledge Seeding

Frontiers |

Launching a peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing platform is not easy. Online support forums have two distinct segments: those who seek product support, and those who provide it. Knowledge seekers are hesitant to ask questions if knowledge contributors are few and far between, and knowledge contributors will not sign up if there are not enough problems to solve. It is a classic chicken or egg challenge that can be effectively addressed by seeding the platform with expert knowledge.

The Value of Employee Dissatisfaction

The New Digital Mandate: Cultivate Dissatisfaction

February 16, 2018 | George Westerman

Employee satisfaction can be a double-edged sword. Satisfied employees produce higher quality-outputs and have less turnover. But satisfaction can inhibit innovation: People who are OK with the current way of doing business are not likely to transform it. They need to be aggravated enough with their current situation that they are willing to take the risks to change it. By sowing the right kinds of dissatisfaction, leaders can drive their organizations to higher levels of innovation and value.

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