App Production

Prepare Files

Each article needs three files:

– Featured image (600×600)
– Featured image (200×200)
– HTML file of article text

Once these have been created, they are stored in “Magazine – Digital Production > [ISSUE] > 05-App”.

Use the “GTxcel output” button in the article editor in WordPress to create the raw HTML file, which will appear in a new tab. Save this to the app folder in Dropbox.

These raw files will need a little editing before they are ready to upload to the app dashboard. Carry out the following check/edits for each file:

Once files have been cleaned up, validate them using

Add files to GTxcel

Each issue is auto-generated by GTxcel using the print edition, so the articles should already be created and ready to be populated with the prepared HTML.

In the GTxcel dashboard, click “article editor” for the issue to be created and you should see a list of all the articles in the issue. If there are any additional articles that are not included on the web (such as sponsored content, ads that have been mistakenly converted during autogeneration, or executive briefings) these can be deleted.

For each article, edit as follows: