open up word doc, copy all, paste into new html doc in Notepad++/bbedit, save as Topic/ChannelAbbreviation-AuthorLastName-ShortenedTitle-raw.html in corresponding Topic/Channel folder in /Dropbox/Digital Content Producers/

reminder to double space (leave a blank line) between all elements in the body

ad top (this starts EVERY piece of content: Blogs and Interviews, except columnists which have a mobile code snippet for author headshots)

Featured Image

large/featured image snippet/clipping in Digital Content Producers/Goodies/MITSMR ARTICLE Clippings. carolyn will post when the image is available in the article’s dropbox workfolder. Please upload it into wordpress in the featured image metabox and place the url into URL placeholder in the body (this immediately follows the top ad with a blank line in between the two and another following it before the body text starts). You will need to append -300×300 to the end of the image url before the file extension like so: http://image-name-here-1200-300×300.jpg. Please also fill out the alt with the words in the file name that appear after the author name.

clean up:

-remove any bad paragraph breaks due to hidden characters or hard returns that break sentences
-double space paragraphs (but not references or lists if there are any. list items do not have blank lines in between them)
-remove double spacebar or any excessive white space or excessive blank lines
-make sure any links in the body are formatted properly (sometimes the writers/editors miss this) educated quotes instead of straight quotes sometimes breaks what seems like a correctly formatted anchor link. fix self closing links. missing http:// no target=”blank”
-double hyphens should be em dashes and spaced — out with a single white space on each side of the emdash
-any accented characters need to marked up as an html entity ie: é should be é

sides/figures (text callout, figure/exhibit/chart, images, pdf)

-use clippings/snippets in Content Production Goodies/MITSMR article clips/ folder as template, each type has its own.
-place at the end of the paragraph where corresponding text mention appears.

specific styles:

strong for bold
em for italics
cite for italicizing publications (Wall Street Journal) *MIT Sloan Management Review/MIT SMR (but not in references)
h6 -interview questions
-inline citations
-reference footnotes

long articles (interviews, mag article research features/highlight) add middle ad
**when previewing a draft or viewing a live article, there should never be more than one ad viewable on screen in the body of an article.

Newsletter/Enews signup shortcode: These shortcodes usually go somewhere in the middle to 2/3 of the way down, usually spaced out before the related articles shortcode (described below).

Queryly Related Article shortcode: The short code will be used in longer articles if space permits. Please aim to place in the bottom 3rd of the article, but it’s placement is flexible so we will rely on your judgement

when all work within the html file is complete, copy content into WP Admin:

Add New Article under Articles tab in WP

Add Metadata:
body copy
author list: each author is put in its own metabox in the author list
Byline: author or authors for blogs, for interviews format as: Name of Interviewee (Organization), interviewed by Interviewer/Author Name
Select Topic and Subtopics
Make sure Tags supplied have Each Word Capitalized when copying into tag metafield.
check off the boxes for the short length and micro length excerpts (summaries) in wordpress
add short and micro summaries
Section is ONLY selected for Sustainability, Frontiers or Data & Analytics, Digital Leadership, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence articles per Asana. if in asana the parent task starts with a SU, FR or DA abbreviation, then it qualifies otherwise it does not get a Section checked off. Please refer to the section metabox in the asana task or ask Cheryl for clarification in the task comments.
select content type in wp metabox. refer to asana metadata.
select paywall for each in wp metabox: blogs are always free and interviews are always paywalled.
the reprint number for interviews will be posted in its corresponding asana task in the Fulfillment Info/Reprint subtask
select commerce for each in wp metabox; blogs are always no sale and interviews are always reprint

(don’t forget to hit save draft! not publish.)

**When done, ALWAYS preview the draft in WordPress to make sure everything looks correct and that there arent any problems, we can’t always rely on our busy proofreaders and editors to notice everything, we’re the last line of defense. There is no such thing as too many questions 🙂 When in doubt, use a published post of the same content type to compare against.

Always sync your changes to dropbox so that everyone has access to the most up to date version of meta and copy. Thanks!

Before Performing edits or updating your file after you’ve submitted it to proofing, ALWAYS copy the content out of wordpress back into your html file before making changes. If you dont, then when you copy back into wordpress, you will likely copy over the work of our editors and proofreaders!


There are several different article types. They fall into the following categories:

General Research (GEN)

Digital Culture & Strategy (DCS)

Future of Work (FOW)

Managing Tech (MT)

AI, Data & Machine Learning (AIDML)

Strategic Measurement (SM)

Retired – DA/AI, Data & Machine Learning (AIDML duplicate, use 47405)

Retired – Sustainability (SU)

Retired – Social Business (SB)
Retired – Digital Thread

These shortcodes usually go somewhere in the middle to 2/3 of the way down.

if for some reason an interview or a blog has an image included in the .doc file:

for charts/figures use the “callout-figure-inline” snippet/clipping in Digital Content Producers/Goodies/MITSMR ARTICLE Clips to place the correct markup into the file where it appears in the doc OR if mentioned in the text with (See SIDEBAR NAME), then place where after the text mention.