Ebook Production

Each month, we produce ebooks for every paywalled article that has been published in the last month. This includes magazine articles and any paywalled online-only articles.

Prepare Files

Each ebook needs the following files:

– PDF of the article from WP
– .jpg of the PDF cover (2024×2500)
– HTML file of article text

Once these have been created, they are stored in “Digital Content Producers > Ebooks > [MONTH YEAR]”. There is a particular file structure explained below.

Use the “Ebook output” button in the article editor in WordPress to create the raw HTML file, which will appear in a new tab. Save this to the ebook folder in Dropbox. (Right click, “Save as…”, save as type “Web Page, HTML only”)

These raw files will need a little editing before they are ready to upload to the app dashboard. Carry out the following check/edits for each file:

Once files have been cleaned up, validate them using https://validator.w3.org/. Previewing the file in a browser can help spot any characters that have been encoded incorrectly.

Create File Structure

Package each article in its own folder according to the following:

Previous months are stored within the Digital Content Producers folder and can be referenced as an example of how to structure the files.

Production and Proofing

Once all the files and folders have been created, they are sent to DC Labs for production. Then, when the ebooks are returned, they need to be proofed.

Review the epub and mobi files for each article, and note any edits that need to be made in Asana.

Things to watch for: