Magazine Articles

open up .indd or word doc
open new .html file and save as REPRINT#-LASTNAME-raw.html using auto file mag article pack raw as the initial template (found in dropbox/digital content producers/goodies/MITSMR Auto Setup clip/). Save in the Magazine Digital Production dropbox folder in its issue folder (Dropbox/Magazine – Digital Production/###Issue Season Year/Web/)
copy over text from .indd into appropriate fields within the raw file.

clean up body

-remove any bad paragraph breaks due to hidden characters
-remove hidden/not hidden
-double space paragraphs (but not references if there are any)
-remove double spacebar or any excessive white space or indenting
-make sure any links in the body are formatted properly (sometimes the writers/editors miss this)
-unordered/ordered lists, list items single spaced (no blank lines in between)
-check em dashes are not hyphens/double dashes or n dashes, they should be — and have a space on each side of it.
-check that elipses … are not periods and have a space on each side

sides/figures (text callout, figure/exhibit/chart, images, pdf)

-use clippings/snippets in Content Production Goodies/MITSMR article clips/ folder as template, each type has its own.
-place at the end of the paragraph where corresponding text mention appears.

specific styles:

strong for bold
em for italics
cite for publication (Wall Street Journal) *MIT Sloan Management Review/MIT SMR (but not in references)
h4 (text callouts also use this as their header/title)
-inline citations
-reference footnotes

ad middle
queryly related articles shortcode

when all work within the html file is complete, copy content into a new wp article. populate metadata from asana and indd/doc

associate to corresponding issue in “Belongs to issue” metabox. create issue if doesnot yet exist

commerce metabox select reprint

distribution channel check print magazine

initial and final print pages – refers to the pdfs page number, they wont necessarily be final until a week before issue launch


General Research (GEN)

Digital Culture & Strategy (DCS)

Future of Work (FOW)

Managing Tech (MT)

AI, Data & Machine Learning (AIDML)

Strategic Measurement (SM)

Retired – DA/AI, Data & Machine Learning (AIDML duplicate, use 47405)

Retired – Sustainability (SU)

Retired – Social Business (SB)
Retired – Digital Thread

These shortcodes usually go somewhere in the middle to 2/3 of the way down.