Previously Published Magazine Articles

When articles have already been previously published online (as research highlights, interviews, or as blogposts), this has implications for our reprint-centric archiving systems, store functions, etc.

The following rules apply to these articles when they’re identified for inclusion in a Magazine issue.

0) Reopen the original task in asana. Tasks will need to be added for fulfillment and pdf production, adding the disclaimer, updating commerce, distribution channel, paywall, reprint, etc.

1) The online version is the canonical version. Changes will not be made to the digital-first version to match the print, unless there is a typo or other error that Cheryl decides warrants a fix.

2) A disclaimer needs to be added to both print and online versions of an article to note that the article has been “adapted” for each medium. Cheryl Asselin can you note the disclaimer language in print here?

Disclaimer text:
PRINT: This article was originally published online. It has been adapted for print.
ONLINE: An adapted version of this article appears in the Spring 2018 print edition.

3) Articles that we pubbed online first will keep their original autogen PDF. So, any article that was produced by us before being sent to George for print layout (and warrants a disclaimer above) would keep the autogen (or have one generated from the online version). Cheryl Asselin maybe you can give us a list of the “adapted” articles here so we can flag them.

4) We won’t assign new reprint numbers for articles that already have them. Though blogposts that become magazine articles will be assigned reprints as usual. We will assess after this issue cycle what to do next issue.

5) Issue post associations will happen as usual, regardless of reprint number. We’ll work from the print TOC to make sure everything is associated to the proper issue.

6) Content type shouldn’t be affected. Columns and blogposts will keep their original content type.

7) We will not paywall blogposts and columns that become part of the magazine, but will include Buy and Download buttons in the header. Exception: Sull articles are never paywalled and have a special treatment of the Buy button.

8) Licensees will get an archive by season/year — they will not be sent *new* versions of previously published articles. They will, however, get blogposts that have subsequently become part of the magazine. Mackenzie Wise will look into including a readme.txt to communicate our policy.

9) We will include all articles from the issue in platforms that rely on that package convention: app, ebook, and Khaleej. The production of these will originate from the WordPress version of the article. We may have to check if an article has already been produced as an ebook if it was already pubbed as a research feature or highlight Jenny Martin.