Schedule an Article

How to Activate a Schedule for an Article

Scheduled posts are set when producing a new post in draft mode, on the right side of the screen you’ll see the PUBLISH options.

On Publish immediately, click on EDIT to enable the schedule options, now you can configure the schedule as needed. Please take in consideration that the time shown is Time zone in New York, NY (GMT-4) which is currently EDT and will become EST in the fall.

Once the time is set, please click OK to save the configuration. The new schedule will be displayed, please ensure that everything is correct and hit SCHEDULE.

You can review the schedule on the top of the post’s edit screen:

On the Article list you’ll see that your post now has a scheduled date and it’s tagged as scheduled.

In the WP Admin bar on the top of the screen you’ll see a list of the scheduled Posts:

Also, you can filter by SCHEDULE to see the list of all the articles that have a schedule:

Once the Article get posted the Date status will change from scheduled to PUBLISHED.

For staging (developers only)