Step One: Images

Step One: Images – Figure Thumbnail creation and WP upload of thumbnails, figures, and header images

Create and Save Figure Thumbnails

All figures need to have thumbnails created for them using the thumbnail template. This file can be found in either Big Ideas (1)/General Big Ideas Assets/Microsite Production/Figure Thumbnail Maker/microsite-img-t-maker.psd or Goodies/Reports & Cases/Report/microsite-img-t-maker.psd

This file is not currently HD/retina ready, and should be updated in the future, but currently thumbnails seem to be displaying just fine.

There are examples in the file of past thumbnails, we like to use only a portion of the figure in the thumbnail, so you dont see the entire figure, but make sure that when enlarging the placed graphic, that you dont enlarge past 100% to avoid resolution issues.

Thumbnails should be exported to the projects digital production/web/figures/ folder using the same file name as their corresponding figure with the addition of -t at the end, before the file extension.

So 19-Cognizant-Figure-a_19-DL01.jpg is the figure file name, and the figure thumbnail filename would be 19-Cognizant-Figure-a_19-DL01-t.jpg

Upload Figures and Header Images to WordPress

Go into WP under Microsites, click Add New button at the top of the page.

In the new microsite post that you just created, add the report title real quick and click Save Draft button to create the parent post of the report.

Click Add New button again at the top of after it is saved.

In the second microsite post you just created, select the name of the report in the Page Attributes meta box, and type 1 in the Order field in the same meta box to associate this post with the parent post as the first chapter child post. As soon as you do, the text box for body content will become available in the post.

Then click Add Media button and upload the thumbnails, the figures, the header images, featured image, and OG image to WP

You dont have to save them anywhere, but take note of the urls for all of the figures, figure thumbnails, and any inline images that you uploaded. You will need them in Step 4.

Time to move to Step Two!