Step Two: Setup

Step Two: Setup – html files, finding placements for: figures, callouts, ads, pqs, dividing text

Report microsites consist of one parent post and multiple child posts. Each chapter gets its own wp microsite post (child posts). The parent post is the main post and stores the metadata in it. Each post corresponds to an html file: parent post corresponds to the raw file with all the meta data in it, and each chapter gets its own hmtl file. Lauren provides a marketing.html file with marketing callouts and instructions on where she’d like them placed.

Create Production Files using the following file naming convention

(ShortTitle for example can be WideningDivide for the title Analtyics:The Widening Divide. Chapter Keyword can be the First Unique word in the title of the chapter that help you distinguish it from the other chapters in that report.

File-naming structure:


01-ShortTitle-[INTRO or CHAPTER KEYWORD]-.html


06-… etc


Setting Up the Raw Working File

Copy and paste into 00-xx-raw.html (hereafter referred to as the raw file): title, subtitle, byline, reprint number, cover overline text, author bios, contributors, sponsor blurb, citation blurb, body text text, references, acknowledgments, Company blurbs, … from the .indd (in the case of working from a word doc, copy the entire word doc). This is now your primary working file for this step of production. Ignore all sidebar content (text callouts, pull quotes, figures) until you’ve finished copying in everything else labelled above.

At this point you should have everything except sidebar content flowed into one file in a semi readable form. I like to use a system of line breaks to visually separate chapters/sections to keep things organized and easier to identify at a glance:

4 blank lines between sections/chapters

2 blank lines to separate sidebar content from body text surrounding it after we’ve placed it

1 blank line between every body text paragraph


Place Sidebar Content

Most of the time, there are explicit mentions in the body text that refer to sidebar content, especially for figures. Text callouts do not always follow this rule. Pullquotes are almost always direct quotes from the text.

The goal is to place sidebar content as close to their mentions as possible, without causing a traffic jam in the side bar. Dont worry about the markup for now, just copy paste the figure title, the figure caption, and any attribution or note text, all of those need to be marked up as html and will not appear in the final image.

About the Research should be treated as its own chapter. It is always the LAST chapter so that it gets the i icon instead of a chapter number.

Divide Chapters into their respective files

Copy each chapter from wp into their respective raw files, leaving all non-chapter content in the raw file.